Dec 06

Imagine no checkout lines, does it sound good?

No lines does sound great?

This video is great.  Sad part is the loss of jobs that isn't discussed and then the loss of the management positions over the jobs, so not just the low end jobs ...

This looks great assuming nothing else changes, our money stays the same.  More directly our purchasing power stays the same.  Though will it?  Doubt it.  Can you say inflation...

The future is coming, and faster than anyone can imagine.  Definitely faster than I ever imagined.  For myself, so far things have been positive and good.  Personally, though for some of my friends around me that hasn't been the case.  I defintiely, see more student debt and more years in school as a result but this really solve anything in the long run for the individual?

What about you?  Thoughts?  Share.