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Selling Software

Do you want to get into the software business?  Sell your own software but don't want to create your own software? How about selling software designed by someone else - managed by someone else, etc etc etc.  You just basically take care of sales and you can do it all freelance.  Can set your own …

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Upmetrics Business Plans

Do you know how to write a business proposal? Do you know how to write a good one?  Even more difficult.  For many MBA students at least those at NIDA will have to write a business proposal, preferably a good one for a good grade. Do you like to do things the hard way or …

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Pareto 80/20 Rule - apply it now

This is one of the most powerful "rules" to follow.   If you are a student you know exams 80% of the exam comes from say 20% of the course material (most likely less),   The best students know what that 20% is and learn to focus on it when studying for exams etc. This video also …

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Why I don't trust doctors and look to natural ways (diet and exercise) for health.

Unfortunately you gotta do your own research and not just turn to a doctor for health advice at least in my opinion. So would you trust someone receiving tons of money from corporations to do unbiased research?  I wouldn't and don't.  Sadly, this is why I don't trust financial advisors and medical doctors when it …

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